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The High-pressure Fuel Pump of Maxspeedparts is supported by the technology of Gasoline Direct Injection from Willindorff HPFP Dept. and adopts over 60% imported OEM parts, which will offer high-quality products and professional solution of maintenance.

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Maxspeed is a factory from China, we produce and sell high pressure fuel pumps and injectors and some spare parts for fuel systems, we can meet the different requirements of customers not limited to customized products, etc.

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Maxspeed prides ourselves on our response time and works to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. We always listen carefully to what the customer needs. And the answer or solution to the problem or question will be accurately addressed by our prompt actions with our sales&engineer team together.

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With a high reputation in the Chinese market, we have rich experience to provide high-end products To meet every user’s requirement.


Before and after product sales with the fastest response within 12 hours. Bring the most effective solution in the right way to save more time and budget.


We always provide competitive pricing to bring more benefit to our valuable customers.


Consistence development of new products to cover most of the vehicle in the market to Replace GENUINE HPFP.