About MaxSpeed Parts

Maxspeed Parts was established in 2017 Specialized in manufacturing the high-pressure fuel pump&Fuel injectors of Volkswagen/AUDI/BMW and other brand vehicles.

Maxspeed hpfp continues to update our fuelling components to ensure they withstand modern fuel and contain the latest technologies across the board.We design and manufacture our fuel units with the best possible materials and electronics to produce a part you can rely upon to perform to optimal levels.

All of our fuel pumps and injectors are designed to deliver accurate and uninterrupted flow to the engine fuel rail and injectors at the required pressure.

We committed to providing high-quality brand new products when we realized the rebuilt high-pressure fuel pump/fuel injectors was spoiled  in the after-market.Many people complained that the original HPFP always fail after 10,000 KM past the extended warranty. However, they are facing a big amount of charges to repair with Geniune parts provided by the car dealers.

In view of this,we decided to develop the products with our engineer team which has rich experience in the auto parts industry for designing and producing.Through years of protracted and unremitting efforts,we break through some typical technical barriers and build up a high reputation among our customers in the market.

With almost provide full ranges of VW/AUDI/BMW HPFP and wide ranges of fuel injectors especially for the direct fuel injection (3rd gen).Now we are devoted to developing more HIGH-PRESSURE FUEL PUMP & Fuel injectors for PORSCHE/MERCEDES-BENZ consistently to provide high-end HPFP&Fuel injectors in the after-market.

Although the replacement auto parts market is primarily a price-driven industry, we refuse to introduce a subpar product.To that end all our products are manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications, we undergo extensive development and testing to ensure they meet the highest standard of quality.

We are pleased to receive more requests from customers who wants to develop their unique or customize hpfp & fuel injectors.

Only our quality could beat our price ! 

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With a high reputation in the Chinese market, we have rich experience to provide high-end products To meet every user’s requirement.


Before and after product sales with the fastest response within 12 hours. Bring the most effective solution in the right way to save more time and budget.


We always provide competitive pricing to bring more benefit to our valuable customers.


Consistence development of new products to cover most of the vehicle in the market to Replace GENUINE HPFP.