3 Rules You Must Obey to Maintain Fuel Injection System

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Whether the fuel injection system is in the best state or not is related to whether the automobile can transform the power provided by fuel into the working efficiency of the automobile, and at the same time, it can also maintain the safe driving of the vehicle.

The service life of the fuel injection system products depends on the driving habits and maintenance habits of the owners. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop good maintenance habits for the fuel injection system. Here we introduce the rules that three drivers must follow to maintain fuel injection systems.

1. Identify authentic products

Although there is no warning of product failure, the use of fake/fake injectors may affect the atomization effect due to the accuracy of injection, resulting in differences in driving performance, fuel consumption and emissions, and in serious cases, the engine cannot start or damage. More intuitively, the fuel injection system provided by brands like ours can achieve a uniform and continuous fuel injection, but it is difficult for counterfeit and inferior products to do so. Their fuel injection status is either intermittent or uneven distribution, which greatly affects the driving experience.

2 Refuel in time.

Don’t always wait for the gas meter to give an alarm before refueling. As a kind of motor equipment, the fuel pump generates heat when it works, which is usually absorbed by fuel, to achieve heat dissipation effect. Some drivers are accustomed to waiting until the fuel level is very low to refuel, but this will lead to insufficient fuel, affecting the heat dissipation of the fuel pump, which will lead to the fuel pump damage in the long run.

3.Do not use inferior fuel or unknown additives

Many inferior fuels or additives have impurities exceeding the standard. Some of them have tiny gelatin and impurities stuck in the fuel pump core or filter, causing the fuel pump to fail to operate properly. Or because of impurities affecting the injector, resulting in engine performance degradation or failure.

The same car will have different fates when it comes to different owners. The fuel injection system serves you and your car every day. Paying attention to the above details may save you a lot of money.

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