5 Warning Signs Your High Pressure Fuel Pump is Giving Up

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It’s heartbreaking for the owners to learn that their HPFP has started hampering the overall performance of the engine. A malfunctioning fuel pump is always a bad news and thus, you need to familiarize yourself with the warning signs of a worn out or faulty fuel pump. This will help you address the problem way before it worsens and extend the longevity of the HPFP too.

No matter which pump you are using, here’s what you need to know:

  1. When the engine starts sputtering at higher speed at odd hours or suddenly, and then resumes. This one is the best indicator of a faulty fuel pump. It means the pump is having a tough time supplying constant fuel to the engine.
  2. If the temperature of your vehicle suddenly rises and it stalls, your fuel pump is failing miserably and you need to replace or at least get it inspected immediately.
  3. When your engine fails to run smoothly, check the fuel pressure gauge to see how much fuel is actually making its way to the engine. The owner’s manual will be a great help to make you aware of the optimum pressure required. Anything less or more clearly indicates a faulty pump.
  4. Your vehicle loses its overall power when put under stress like while climbing a hill, and hauling. Stress causes the failing pump to underperform that eventually, hampers the engine’s performance altogether.
  5. Fuel pump has a relief valve that helps with decent gas mileage. If the valve stops opening, it means more than required fuel has flown into the engine.                                                    Ignoring the warning signs can result into an emergency situation while putting the engine to a halt! Meaning, the engine will just not start. Fuel pressure is something that all drivers need to keep in mind to enjoy the rides to the fullest.

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