High-Pressure Fuel Pump/GDI PUMP VW/Audi: 079 127 025 AH

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High Pressure Fuel Pump

The most common reason fuel pumps fail is a plugged or restricted fuel filter, which makes the pump work harder. When a fuel pump starts to go bad, you may experience lack of power, no start, bucking, sputtering, or the engine may stop running. If this is occurring be sure to replace it before you are left without a working a vehicle.

Car ModelOE Ref.OEM Sup. CodeCar Model
VW/Audi8 079 127 025 AE
079 127 025 AH
079 127 025 AJ
079 127 025 AK
079 127 025 T
Audi A6 (4G2, 4G7, C7) S6 Quattro 2012-2018
Audi A6 Avant (4G5, 4GD, C7) S6 Quattro 2012-2018
Audi A7 Sportback (4GA, 4GF) S7 Quattro 2012-2018
Audi A8 (4H2, 4H8, 4HC, 4HL) 4.0 TFSI Quattro 2012-2018
Bentley Continental Coupe (3W_) 4.0 FLEX 2013-
Bentley Continental Convertible (3W_) 4.0 FLEX AWD 2013-